The staff of The Montessori School of Baton Rouge has proudly served the Baton Rouge community for over 50 years. With our many certified Montessori teachers and dedicated assistants our staff has over 80 years of experience. We strive to offer an authentic Montessori environment. The classroom is a carefully prepared environment where children move freely and select work that captures their interests. Children flourish in this enriched environment. They are treated with respect and dignity that is often lacking in more traditional, regimented classrooms. An enjoyment of learning is developed that continues on throughout the child’s school years and beyond.

We have two classrooms with 25 children ranging in age from 2.5 – 6. Carolyn Myer, Carmen Myer, and Maria Pentas direct the work of the children in our north class.  Lyndsi LeBlanc, LaDonna Turner, Cari Warfel, and Linnette Matos-Jimenez facilitate the work of the children in the south class. We have a third classroom with 15 children located at 12663 Perkins Road under the guidance of Anne Fernandez and Maria Quiroga. Suzette Bates teaches our Spanish class and assists with the after care program. Laura Morgan also shares after care responsibilities.

Our school functions with the assistance of Molly Williams as the Director.

We are a non-profit organization, and a Board of Directors made up of parents and teachers helps to guide our school.

To observe the Montessori Method in practice, parents are invited to visit The Montessori School of Baton Rouge during the school year. Here they will witness first hand the wonderful environment created specifically for young minds to learn and develop. Please call (225) 766-9942 for an appointment.